Temenos Academy Review 26


(latest issue)



Edited by John Carey, James Harpur, Daniel Samuel

286 pages

ISBN 978 1 7395561 0 5


Owen Barfield  Language, Consciousness and the Recovery of Human Meaning

Jane Clark  Ceaseless Voyaging: Spiritual Journeying in ‘Aṭṭār and Ibn Arabī

Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi  The Names of God

James Harpur  The Inverse Lives of Gerard Manley Hopkins and T.S. Eliot

Howard Hull  Francis Robert Le Plastrier Warner (1937-2021)

Simonne Jacquemard and Jacques Brosse  Images of Orpheus and the Rise of Neoplatonism (trans. Christine Rhone)

Shaun Kenaelly  Arthur Ransome: Chains of Transmission

Cristoforo Landino  Comento sopra la Comedia: An Excerpt from the Prologue (trans. Andrew Frisardi)

Robert Leonard  The Traditionalist Path of an Economic Heretic: E.F. Schumacher, a Guide for the Perplexed

Andrew Louth  Philip Sherrard and the Experience of God

Kevin McGrath   Walking on Ice

Porphyry of Tyre  On Statues

Kathleen Raine  The Importance of the Ten Principal Upanishads

Richard Gotch Robinson  Watkins Bookshop: Backstage at the University of Lost Knowledge


POETRY  Wendell Berry, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Hilary Davies, John F. Deane, Maura Dooley, John Greening, Alyson Hallett, Cicely Herbert, Brian Keeble, Earl Livings, Patricia McCarthy, Fiona Sampson, Gerard Smyth

REVIEWS  of books by or edited by Wendell Berry, Tom Bree, Roberto Calasso, Stephen R.L. Clark, Andrew Frisardi, Malcolm Guite, Esme Howard, Bernardo Kastrup, Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabī, Ashna Sen, Peter Tyler, Mark Vernon

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