‘ART AND THE RENEWAL OF THE SACRED’ was the title of a conference held at Dartington Hall in Devon from            13-16 November 1986. Among the speakers and artists who presented were Christopher Bamford, Wendell Berry,                   Keith Critchlow, Joscelyn Godwin, Yoshikazu Iwamoto, Brian Keeble, Satish Kumar, John Lane, Martin Lings,                        Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Treasa O’Driscoll, Santosh Pall, Kathleen Raine, Jeremy Reed and Philip Sherrard.               To our knowledge only a few recordings of the proceedings survive. Available here are:


Introduction by Kathleen Raine     13-11-1986

Presuppositions of the Sacred by Phillip Sherrard     14-11-1986

The Living Word by Christopher Bamford     14-11-1986

A Poetry Reading by Wendell Berry, Kathleen Raine and Jeremy Reed

 (MC Robin Skelton)      15-11-1986

Nature, House of the Soul by Kathleen Raine    16-11-1986



The Second Temenos Conference, ‘Art in the Service of the Sacred’, was held at Dartington Hall two years later.








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