Among the most memorable occasions at Temenos was the visit in 1993 by the Indian philosopher Dr Ramchandra Gandhi, to give six lectures and a series of seminars on the Mandukya Upanishad. Among the subjects were his teacher Ramana Maharshi and his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi.


Dr Ramchandra Gandhi (1937-2007) was a philosopher, author, and teacher. He studied at Oxford and taught in India and the USA. One of the original Fellows of the Temenos Academy, he was a deeply thoughtful man, with an imaginative mind, a charming sense of humour, and a humble bearing.


Teachers of Modern India: Vivekananda                                13-5-1993

Teachers of Modern India: Ramana Maharshi                       20-5-1993

Gandhi & Our World (for the students of

The Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture)                   24-5-1993

Teachers of Modern India: Mahatma Gandhi                         27-5-1993

Teachers of Modern India: Ramakrishna                                   1-6-1993

The Meaning of AUM                                                                     3-6-1993











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