TALKS – 1993 to 2012


Professor Keith Critchlow gave many lectures to the Temenos Academy over the course of 30 years. Recordings of some of them, listed in chronological order, may be accessed from the links below. Professor Critchlow is introduced by different members of the Academy in the lectures, including two co-founders of Temenos, Dr Kathleen Raine and Mr Brian Keeble, and the Sufi Scholar, the late Dr Leonard Lewisohn. Also included is a recording of his Timaeus talk given to the students at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture in 1994. (We apologise for the less than perfect quality of some of these recordings.)


  The Pre-Literate Culture of the Stone Circles  27/1/93

 The Geometry of Plato’s Timaeus  24/2/93

Chartres  5/10/93 

The Geometry of Plato’s Timaeus  (POWIA) 13/10/94

 Principles of Buddhist Architecture  12/2/01

Aspects of the Chinese Tradition in Architecture  19/3/01

 The Geometry of Plato’s Timaeus  20/6/05

 Sacred Geometry  24/11/05

 New Light on the ‘School of Chartres’  24/11/06

  Envelopes of Being: A Comparative Study (In celebration of Dr Martin Lings)  25/3/09

Flowers – Geometry of Life  3/4/12 

 New Insights into the Geometry of Plato  1/5/12




RADIO 4 LAST WORD PROGRAMME features Professor Keith Critchlow HERE


Professor Keith Critchlow, 16th March 1933 – 8th April 2020 OBITUARY HERE 


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[Photo credit: Keith Critchlow in Morocco, 2000; Soraya Syed, @artofthepen]




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