THE TEMENOS ACADEMY LECTURE ARCHIVE contains lectures by eminent speakers on a wide range of topics in philosophy, the arts, ecology and social concerns – these are available for immediate viewing or listening through the links below (most recent first):


1st July 2024

Petrarch, His Fragments and the Mirror of Nature

Andrew Frisardi


24th June 2024

Dante’s Poetic Knowledge

Andrew Frisardi


6th June 2024

Seeking the Presence of God in Nature

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg


6th May 2024

Mediating Matter: The Coronation Anointing Screen and the role of visual art in traditional Christian worship

Aidan Hart


20th March 2024

From Dream to Vision: Joseph & the Underworld

Dr Martin Shaw


20th March 2024

Entering William Blake’s Fourfold Vision

Dr Susanne Sklar


20th March 2024

David Jones Amid the Hills

Dr Peter Wakelin


13th March 2024

The Concept of Yajna (sacrifice), Dana (charity), and Tapas (austerity) in the Bhagavad Gita

Dr Mattur Nandakumara


6th March 2024

Soil, Sky and Soul: Making Connections Between Heaven and Earth

Bishop James Jones


26th February 2024

Making Peace with Nature

Satish Kumar


5th February 2024

Peter Lanyon: Inside the Sky

Toby Treves


23rd Novemeber 2023

Neoplatonism and Poetry at the Confluence of Africa, Asia and Europe

Professor Stefan Sperl


13th November 2023

Art and Enchantment

Dr Patrick Curry


16th October 2023

The Journey After Death (illustrated through the Mawangdui Funeral Banner)

Sandra Hill


2nd October 2023

‘Every Thing That Lives is Holy’: William Blake, Imagination and the Love of the World

Dr Valentin Gerlier


18th September 2023

Orality and Symbolism as Repositories of African Knowledge of the Self

Dr Elvis Imafidon


5th September 2023

Love as a Cosmological Force

Professor Ravi Ravindra


6th July 2023

A Quest for Love, Wisdom and Truth

David Lorimer


5th July 2023

The Lion & the Nightingale: A Defence of Romantic Love

Dr Martin Shaw


21st June 2023

Shakespeare & Astrology:

How Spiritual Philosophy and Esoteric Thought Illuminate Shakespeare’s Plays

Priscilla Costello


6th June 2023

A Surprised Whole, Loving the Dust of the Universe

Dr Tom Cheetham


25th May 2023

The Transforming Power of Love in Islamic Mystical Thought

Jane Clark


17th May 2023

Kathleen Raine, Architect of Paradise

Professor Claire Garnier-Tardieu


13 March 2023

Craft Practice as an Expression of the Perennial Philosophy

Dr David Cranswick


27 February 2023

Art of Mandala  (audio only)

Daniel Docherty


2 November 2022

Universal Symbolism: The Metaphysical Centre

Nicholas Cope


17 October 2022

Gold in the Crucible: Futuwwa, Dante, and the Alchemy of Soul-Making

Dr Alison Roberts


10 October 2022

The Rainbow Body in Tibetan Dzogchen

Dr Dylan Esler


5 September 2022

Exploring Eternal Wisdom East and West

Professor Ravi Ravindra


14 July 2022

Sarvodaya: Our Life as a Journey of Love

Satish Kumar


7 July 2022

Philip Sherrard and the Experience of God

Professor Andrew Louth


30 June 2022

Rene Guenon’s CRISIS OF THE MODERN WORLD Revisited

Professor Patrick Laude


20 June 2022

Metaphysician, Heal Thyself! Koranic Perspectives on the Ecological Crisis

(audio only)

Dr Reza Shah-Kazemi


18 May 2022

Endless Voyaging: Spiritual Journeying in ‘Attar and Ibn ‘Arabi

(audio only)



27 April 2022

Christian Wonder Tales



Wednesday 16 March 2022

The Symbolism of the Pentagram Star

(audio only)



Monday 7 March 2022

What it Means to be Human: Exploring African Philosophy of Ubuntu



Monday 21 February 2022

Yeats’s Poems of Faeryland

Professor Grevel Lindop


Wednesday 8 December 2021

In these hills at last I am come to dwell

Lord Gawain Douglas


Monday 22nd November 2021

‘A Place of Vision’: George Mackay Brown and Orkney

Maggie Ferguson


Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Leonardo’s Adoration of the Magi

Andrew Wolpert


Tuesday 19th October 2021

Dante and Spiritual Intelligence

Dr Mark Vernon


4th October 2021


Introduction to Kabbalah

Reverend Marie Elsa Bragg


12th July 2021

Botticelli’s La Primavera and Ficino’s Venus Humanitas

Julia Cleave


7th July 2021

Icons, Image and Presence

Sir Richard Temple


28th June 2021

The Transmigrations of TALIESIN: The Mystery of the Ancient Child

Professor John Carey


16th February 2021

Bringing Light to the World: Our Deepest Human Vocation (Audio)

PDF:  Here

Dr Jeremy Naydler


19th October 2020

Plotinus and the Planets

Tom Bree


7th October 2020

Dante’s Journey in Gothic Cathedral Design

Tom Bree


28th September 2020

From ‘Smart Planet’ to Sacred Earth

Dr Jeremy Naydler


16th October 2019

The Learning of the Imagination in a Perennial Psychology

Sir Nicholas Pearson, Bt


9th October 2019

The Singing Masters of my Soul  YEATS: Poet and Prophet

John F Deane


1st October 2019

The Inkling Owen Barfield, Jesus, and the Evolution of Consciousness

Dr Mark Vernon


10th September 2019

Journey of Inner transformation

Professor Ravi Ravindra


19th June 2019

Recollection and Self-possession:

Finding the Still Centre Amidst Time and Change

Dr Stephen Blackwood


11th February 2019

The Divinity of Man – Marsilio Ficino’s Vision for a Happier Life

Valery Rees


20th November 2018

The Seed of Nobility

Andrew Frisardi


19th November 2018

The Dream of Leah and Rachel: Art and Purification in PURGATORIO

Andrew Frisardi


8th October 2018


Yeats’s Book of Numberless Dreams: his Notebook, ‘Visions: 1898 – 1901’, and the Irish ‘Unwritten Tradition’

Professor Warwick Gould, FRSL


10th July 2018

Poetry Reading: Pilgrims of the Soul

 John F Deane, James Harpur


9th July 2018

The Return of Gaia

Jules Cashford


8th May 2018

Small Gods: An Earth That Thinks in Myth

Dr Martin Shaw


24th January 2018

Science and Spiritual Practices

Dr Rupert Sheldrake


5th December 2017

Jacob Boehme and the Mysteries of the Will

Dr Stephen Cross


21st November 2017

Sassetta, a Poor Knight and a Wedding

Christopher P Wood


10th October 2017

An Exploration of the Poetic Imagination

James Harpur


27th September 2017

C S Lewis: the ‘imaginative man’, the self and the Other

Colin Duriez


10th April 2017

Science and the Sacred

Professor Ravi Ravindra


14th March 2017

The Transformation of Reality in Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST

Valentin Gerlier


8th December 2016

THE INKLINGS: Tolkien, the Green Man and the Mythology of England

John Matthews


7th November 2016

THE INKLINGS: Owen Barfield: Knowledge, Poetry & Consciousness

Revd Dr Malcolm Guite


4th October 2016

Meister Eckhart and the Purpose of Creation

Dr Joseph Milne


16th June 2016

The Brightest Heaven of Invention

Patterns of Love and Mercy in Shakespeare’s History Plays

Valentin Gerlier


10th March 2016

Stevie Wishart and VOICE


11th February 2016

Until the Dragon Comes

Grahame Davies & Kevin Crossley-Holland


10th December 2015

The Body and its Symbolism

Annick de Souzenelle


26th November 2015

Re-Imagining the Grail Quest

Professor Kim Samuel


27th October 2015

The Hoopoe Shows the Way: An Ancient yet Contemporary Symbol of the Soul’s Guide

Belinda Hunt


19th October 2015

Mariner: A Voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Dr Malcolm Guite


1st December 2014

Looking Forward to Tradition: Timeless Truths and Modern Delusions

Dr Harry Oldmeadow


17th June 2014

T S Eliot and Kathleen Raine: Two Contemplative Poets

Professor Grevel Lindop


19th September 2013

Symbolism of the Plains Indian Sun Dance

Chief James Trosper


18th March 2013

Divine Love in Early Persian Prose

Professor William  Chittick


13th November 2012


The Moral Mumble

Camila Batmanghelidjh


1st November 2012


The Politics of the Soul

Professor John Milbank


10th October 2012


The Law of Help: John Ruskin & the Battle for a Good Society

Howard Hull


3rd September 2012

The Heart of the Spiritual Quest in India

Dr Ravi Ravindra


5th July 2012


The Virtuous Society

Dr Joseph Milne


6th February 2012

The Science Delusion

Dr Rupert Sheldrake


13th September 2011


Is Small Still Beautiful?

Satish Kumar


4th November 2010

The Arthurian Poems of Charles Williams

Professor Grevel Lindop


14th September 2010

Spiritual Search – East and West: Part 2

Dr Ravi Ravindra


13th September 2010

Spiritual Search – East and West: Part 1

Dr Ravi Ravindra


2nd September 2010

The Role of the Grail in Henri Corbin’s Thought

Dr John Carey


1st April 2010

Archetypal Patterns in Von Eschenbach’s Parzival

Jules Cashford


 13th July 2009

Nature and Modern Science

A Dialogue: Rupert Sheldrake and Joseph Milne


5th July 2007

The Learning of the Imagination: What the Romantics can teach us

Professor Grevel Lindop


January 2004

Philip Sherrard:  His Life and Work

Bishop Kallistos Ware


14th December 1993

Kabbalah: Esoteric System of the West

Warren Kenton






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