THE TEMENOS ACADEMY LECTURE ARCHIVE contains lectures by eminent speakers on a wide range of topics in philosophy, the arts, ecology and social concerns – these are available for immediate viewing or listening through the links below (most recent first):


19th October 2020

Plotinus and the Planets

Tom Bree


7th October 2020

Dante’s Journey in Gothic Cathedral Design

Tom Bree


28th September 2020

From ‘Smart Planet’ to Sacred Earth

Dr Jeremy Naydler


16th October 2019

The Learning of the Imagination in a Perennial Psychology

Sir Nicholas Pearson, Bt


9th October 2019

The Singing Masters of my Soul  YEATS: Poet and Prophet

John F Deane


1st October 2019

The Inkling Owen Barfield, Jesus, and the Evolution of Consciousness

Dr Mark Vernon


10th September 2019

Journey of Inner transformation

Professor Ravi Ravindra


11th February 2019

The Divinity of Man – Marsilio Ficino’s Vision for a Happier Life

Valery Rees


20th November 2018

The Seed of Nobility

Andrew Frisardi


19th November 2018

The Dream of Leah and Rachel: Art and Purification in PURGATORIO

Andrew Frisardi


8th October 2018


Yeats’s Book of Numberless Dreams: his Notebook, ‘Visions: 1898 – 1901’, and the Irish ‘Unwritten Tradition’

Professor Warwick Gould, FRSL


10th July 2018

Poetry Reading: Pilgrims of the Soul

 John F Deane, James Harpur


9th July 2018

The Return of Gaia

Jules Cashford


8th May 2018

Small Gods: An Earth That Thinks in Myth

Dr Martin Shaw


24th January 2018

Science and Spiritual Practices

Dr Rupert Sheldrake


5th December 2017

Jacob Boehme and the Mysteries of the Will

Dr Stephen Cross


21st November 2017

Sassetta, a Poor Knight and a Wedding

Christopher P Wood


10th October 2017

An Exploration of the Poetic Imagination

James Harpur


27th September 2017

C S Lewis: the ‘imaginative man’, the self and the Other

Colin Duriez


10th April 2017

Science and the Sacred

Professor Ravi Ravindra


14th March 2017

The Transformation of Reality in Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST

Valentin Gerlier


8th December 2016

THE INKLINGS: Tolkien, the Green Man and the Mythology of England

John Matthews


7th November 2016

THE INKLINGS: Owen Barfield: Knowledge, Poetry & Consciousness

Revd Dr Malcolm Guite


10th December 2015

The Body and its Symbolism

Annick de Souzenelle


19th September 2013

Symbolism of the Plains Indian Sun Dance

Chief James Trosper


6th February 2012

The Science Delusion

Dr Rupert Sheldrake