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Jack Herbert (1931-2021), was a Fellow of the Temenos Academy, served on its Academic Board, and made a significant contribution to its work as a teacher and writer.

Born in Tredegar in south-east Wales, Jack began his studies in literature at Nottingham University. His subsequent research into the work of William Blake was at Christ’s College Cambridge, where he was a postgraduate student of Kathleen Raine, and at the University of Munster. Jack went on to teach at Kyushu University and the University of Munich, and later was for many years staff tutor in literature with the Cambridge University Institute of Continuing Education.

As well as lecturing and leading seminars for Temenos he undertook a lecture tour in Australia for the Barbara Blackman Temenos Foundation. He was a prolific contributor to Temenos Academy Review, his work appearing in all but one of issues 2 – 16; his The German Tradition – Uniting the Opposites: Goethe, Jung & Rilke, and Inward Lies The Way: German Thought and the Nature of Mind, co-authored with Stephen Cross, were published as Temenos Academy papers.  Jack was also a poet – a selection from his unpublished collection ‘Cutting the Rope of Time’ appeared in TAR 16.

Jack is remembered with fondness by his friends and colleagues in Temenos.


Inner Renaissance & the Holistic Approach      20-1-1998

From Goethe to Jung: Dialectics of the Psyche     27-1-1998

Rilke’s Phenomenology    3-2-1998

Caspar David Friedrich & German Romanticism     4-6-2001

Goethe’s Faust as Opus Alchymicum     8-10-2002

Jung & the German Tradition      12-11-2002

Alchemy’s Royal Art & the Creative Imagination      10-9-2003

William Blake: Poet, Painter, Visionary       2-2-2004

Blake’s Song of Liberty and America      9-2-2004

Thoughts and Reflections on Milton       5-11-2009








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