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Dr Kathleen Raine gave 13 lectures and readings to the Temenos Academy over the course of 11 years. Recordings of most of them, listed in chronological order, may be accessed from the links below. Kathleen Raine is introduced by members of Temenos: John Allitt, William Cookson, her publisher Brian Keeble, Warren Kenton, Jill Line and Joseph Milne. Also included are a second recording of her talk ‘William Blake’s Fourfold Vision of London’, which she gave to the students of The Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture, and the recording of the launch in 2000 at the Nehru Centre of her ‘Collected Poems’, in two parts (we are grateful to Imran Ahmad for improving the quality of the original recording of this meeting).


Reading her poems from Living With Mystery      08-06-1992

William Blake’s Fourfold Vision of London (POWIA)      29-03-1993

William Blake’s Fourfold Vision of London      26-05-1993

Yeats’s Holy City of Byzantium      25-02-1994

William Blake – Prophetic Voice of England      25-03-1994

A Poetry Reading      13-05-1994

Yeats and the Learning of the Imagination      29-05-1996

Thomas Taylor the Platonist      15-10-1996

The Imagination According to William Blake      20-05-1997

Shelley as a Mythological Poet      10-11-1997

W.B. Yeats and the Book of the People      15-11-1999

Monarchy and the Imagination      10-04-2002

The Collected Poems of Kathleen Raine Book Launch with Brian Keeble, Keith Critchlow and Francis Warner

 Part 1  6-10-2000

The Collected Poems of Kathleen Raine Book Launch – Poetry Reading

 Part 2  6-10-2000




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