The Temenos Academy is an educational charity which offers education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West. The Greek word ‘temenos’ means ‘a sacred precinct’, or the area around a temple.

In addition to its educational programme the Temenos Academy funds the Thetis Blacker Temenos Batik Scholarship, a biennial award for artists in batik.

Founded in 1991, the Academy developed from the journal Temenos, edited by the late  Professor Keith Critchlow (architect and geometer; d.2020), Brian Keeble (publisher and writer), Kathleen Raine (poet and literary scholar; d. 2003) and Philip Sherrard (theologian and Hellenist; d. 1995). Also instrumental in its creation were John Stewart Allitt (teacher of Dante and musicologist; d. 2007), David Cadman (trustee), Dr Hans-Wolfgang Frick (trustee; d. 2011), Esme F. Howard (trustee) and Sir Peter Parker (trustee; d. 2002).


[Image credit: Jane Weaver: How I Wonder What We Are, 2010; Patchwork quilt inspired by her geometry teacher, the late Keith Critchlow and his wife Gail.)

[Image credit on the Publications page: Cecil Collins: Central motif from the Altarpiece The Divine Sun in Flux of Divine Light in Chichester Cathedral]