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Dr Suheil Bushrui (1929-2015), Fellow of the Temenos Academy, representative of the Arab Imagination, was a teacher and scholar, an authority on the life and work of Kahlil Gibran and, during his tenure of the Baha’i Chair for World Peace at the University of Maryland, a leading representative in the world of the Baha’i faith. His interests also included Arab poetry, W.B. Yeats, world religions and the resolution of political conflict. With David Cadman he translated the Collected Speeches and Articles of HRH The Prince of Wales into Arabic.

Suheil Bushrui was remarkable for being without a trace of negativity and for having the ability, by his presence, to lift people’s hearts. He is remembered with special fondness by all who had the grace of knowing him. Temenos Academy Review 19 was dedicated to his memory. It contains tributes by his daughter Nadia Malarkey, his former colleague John N. Swannell, and his friend Francis Warner.


On Retrieving Our Spiritual Heritage                                               16-6-1993

The Spiritual Vision in Classical Arabic Poetry                              23-6-1993

Kahlil Gibran: Prophet from Lebanon                                              30-6-1993

A Defence of Poetry                                                                              14-8-1995

An Arab Voice for the Next Millennium:

     the Permanence of Kahlil Gibran                                                  30-9-1997

Environmental Ethics – A Baha’i Perspective                                 8-12-1998

Lebanon’s Dialogue with the West:

     Ameen Rihani and Arab Civilization                                             21-6-2001

Where the Twain Meet: The English Romantic Poets

     and 20th Century Arab Writers                                                       6-10-2003

The Enduring Legacy of Kahlil Gibran                                               19-6-2006

The Precious Integrity of Religious Experience:

     a Response to the Neo-Atheist Critique                                        23-7-2008

The Sacred in Literature                                                                          9-6-2009

William Butler Yeats & his Search for a Spiritual Philosophy          7-7-2011


We apologise for the uneven quality of some of these recordings.

Several of the talks feature readings by Tom Durham and Antoine Raad. The voices of those in the chair belong to David Cadman, Guilda Navidi-Walker, Sir Nicholas Pearson, Kathleen Raine and Ian Skelly.








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