Temenos Academy Review comprises a mixture of papers given at the Academy and new work,

        including poetry, art, and reviews.

Temenos Academy Review is edited by John Carey, Hilary Davies and James Harpur.


‘This may sound grandiose, or a little evangelical, but so be it. The times demand nothing less. If half the essays in just one copy of the Temenos Academy Review were profoundly taken into the psyche of a younger generation then we would have nothing less than a revolution of the heart on our hands. There is no shortage of wisdom, but we need people that can gleefully point to it.                                     Be it even.’            Dr Martin Shaw





Prospective contributors to Temenos Academy Review should consult

Guidelines for Contributors

Guidelines for Poetry Submissions

Guidelines for Book Reviews


If you have any queries or submissions please email us at  temenosacademy@myfastmail.com






[ Image: The River of Life, William Blake c. 1805 ]





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