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The study of key texts in small seminar groups




Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare   (continued from last term)

Leader           Dr Joseph Milne

Text              the Arden edition


4 October – 6 December 2023 Wednesdays, 10 weekly meetings


Time             2.30 – 4pm  Please arrive promptly

Venue           The School of Philosophy and Economic Science


Course cost

£100 or £75 Members of the Temenos Academy/Concessions.

Full-time students and Temenos Academy Young Scholars, £40.

Those attending must be aged 18 or over.

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar presents us with a drama of the conflicting codes of honour that shape the Roman world, plunging each protagonist into inescapable inner and outer conflicts. Caesar’s rising ‘ambition’ compels each to take a stand, willingly or unwillingly, wisely or unwisely, drawing them into the fateful sweep of time and the consequences of unheeded dreams, portents and omens. There is no simple moral right or wrong to choose between in Julius Caesar. The typical Roman virtues of constancy, honour, courage, loyalty, detachment, and resoluteness all prove unequal to the challenge of Caesar’s despotic rise to power and to the consequences of his assassination. In Shakespeare’s hands the fate of Rome becomes a mirror to the human condition where city and soul are inextricably bound together.

JOSEPH MILNE is the editor of Land and Liberty, the journal of the Henry George Foundation, the author of several Temenos Academy Papers, including The Lost Vision of Nature (2018), and of Natural Law and the Just Society, to be published by Shepheard-Walwyn. He is a Fellow of the Temenos Academy, a member of its Academic Board and teaches the ‘Mysticism’ module of the Foundation Course in the Perennial Philosophy.

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