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The Work of The Temenos Academy

The Temenos academy was launched in 1990 as a teaching organisation dedicated to the same central idea that had inspired the earlier 'Temenos Review' (a journal devoted to the arts of the Imagination). Scholars and teachers, committed to what is now generally known as 'the perennial philosophy' - the learning of the Imagination - were invited to lecture and hold study groups and to teach the ever-growing number of devoted Friends and students.

The Academy was originally housed in His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales's Institute of Architecture in Regents' Park - now integrated with The Prince's Foundation. Now it holds its meetings at variety of venues in London.

The Academy offers three lecture terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer. The lectures cover a wide variety of subjects appropriate to the Ten Principles listed below. It is an indication of the respect in which the Academy is held that speakers from all over the world are attracted to come and lecture, as are some of the most distinguished scholars of the day from the United Kingdom.

In addition to weekly lectures, the Academy also arranges study groups in which a key text is examined in depth under the guidance of a scholar, expert in the chosen subject.

It is the view of our Patron The Prince of Wales, the Council and all who work for the Temenos Academy, that there is an urgent need to adopt a universal spiritual outlook consonant with Plato's view that all branches of knowledge lead to the same eternal truth.This view underpinned the life's work of our late Founder, Kathleen Raine. The Temenos Academy seeks to be a place where that ideal may, in some degree, be realised.