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The Temenos Academy is an educational charity which aims to offer education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West, through lectures, seminar courses and publications.

A key way of supporting the work of the Temenos Academy is by joining as a Member or Friend. As well as information about our programmes, supporters receive the following benefits:

On joining, new Members or Friends are sent the current issue of the Temenos Academy Review and three other publications: Lighting a Candle - Kathleen Raine and Temenos, a collection of tributes to Kathleen Raine which also includes many examples of her own writing on the purpose and aims of Temenos; Ten Basic Principles That Inspire the Work of Temenos by John Carey; and A Human Approach to World Peace by his Holiness The Dalai Lama.

The other Member or Friend benefits are concessionary admission rates to lectures/seminars and free copies of all new Temenos Academy publications as they are issued.

To enrol as a Member or Friend, or to simply join our mailing list, please print and complete the form in the link below. You may also set up a standing order.

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