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Lecture papers planned for the Summer term will be posted online during the course of this term and will also be sent out via the email newsletter.

Please see the Programme of Events for the up-to-date list of papers and the scheduled time of online publication.

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The recording of Chief James Trosper speaking on THE SYMBOLISM OF THE PLAINS INDIAN SUNDANCE

(19th September 2013) – has been added to the Main Lecture Archive, which is in date order.

Other talks have also recently being added to the Archive, including ones by Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Dr Martin Shaw,         John Matthews and Dr Malcolm Guite.




All available recordings of talks from the first Temenos Conference in 1986 have now been uploaded onto our Archive (click OTHER).

Speakers include Dr Kathleen Raine, Dr Philip Sherrard and Dr Christopher Bamford.




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All available audio recordings of the talks and readings given by Dr Kathleen Raine at the Temenos Academy are available in the ARCHIVE (click OTHER).




DR H M GHOMSHEI :  TALKS 1994  – 2013

The entire archive of talks (over a period of 18 years) by Dr H M Ghomshei, Fellow of the Temenos Academy, has

 been entered onto the ARCHIVE section of our website.

  The talks cover many themes in the tradition of  Persian Literature as well as commentaries on

Shakespeare and the poetry of Dr Kathleen Raine.




It is with great sadness that we relay the news of the passing of Professor Keith Critchlow, President Emeritus and co-founder of the Temenos Academy, on 8th April 2020.

 Professor Critchlow’s last film THE ART OF THE EVER TRUE may be viewed on the

ARCHIVE – OTHER tab above.

BBC Radio 4 LAST WORD Programme features Professor Keith Critchlow: