TEMENOS An Index 1981-1992




Temenos Academy Papers 40
185 pages
ISBN 978 0 9926046 6 0

Temenos, a ‘Review Devoted to the Arts of the Imagination’ was established in 1981 by
Keith Critchlow, Brian Keeble, Kathleen Raine and Philip Sherrard, who jointly edited
it (though increasingly the editorial work devolved upon Kathleen Raine) until 1992.
Each issue of Temenos ran to just under 300 pages, and the journal appeared roughly
once a year.

This index to the thirteen issues of Temenos is divided into four sections: ‘General
Index’, ‘Contributors’, ‘Titles of Articles’ and ‘Reviews’. The design and size of the
book are uniform with Temenos.

Temenos – An Index is published in book form and is also freely available in digital
format on the Temenos Academy website.