Temenos Academy Review 25




Edited by John Carey, James Harpur and Daniel Samuel

234 pages

ISBN  978 1 9164818 7 9


Hilary Armstrong  Two Neoplatonist Notes, and a letter

Thetis Blacker  Dream of the Bell and the Poachers’ Path

Ernesto Cardenal  The Secret of Machu Picchu (trans. G. Lindop)

Graham Carey  Holes in Oblivion: Memories of Ananda Coomaraswamy

Emma Clark  Works by Keith Critchlow

Dylan Esler  In Search of the Tibetan Dzogchen Manuscripts in Tagore’s Haven: Report on a Research Trip to Santiniketan

Andrew Frisardi  Cold Dawn: Yeats, the Gyres, and Poetic Style

Joscelyn Godwin  The Interventions of Marco Pallis

Agung Harjano, Agus Ismoyo, Pang Warman and Nia Flam  Suluk Ambathik: Character Building through Creative Practice

Kathleen Raine  Poetry and the Frontiers of Consciousness

Christine Rhone  Kathleen Raine: Poet of Times Past or Times to Come?

Reza Shah-Kazemi  From Karmic Implication to Spiritual Resolution: Groundhog Day Revisited

Ian Skelly  Stephen Cross (1934-2021)

Samuel Bendeck Sotillos  The Timeless Wisdom of Buddhism in the Contemporary World: A Conversation with John Paraskevopoulos

Simon Wilson  Jack Herbert (1931-2021)

W. B. Yeats William Blake: An Introduction


ILLUSTRATIONS  by Keith Critchlow

POETRY  David Barlow, Eva Bourke, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Victoria Field, Andrew Frisardi, Gabriel Griffin, Daniel Gustafsson, Fred Johnston, Peggy Jones, John Robert Lee, Grevel Lindop, Aidan Mathews, Kieron Winn, Duncan Wu

REVIEWS  of books by or edited by Nicholas Campion, Priscilla Costello, Andrew Frisardi, Valentin Gerlier, Eric Gill, John Paraskevopoulos, Sarah Shaw, Jan M. Ziolkowski.