Edited by John Carey, Valentin Gerlier and James Harpur, 2020

ISBN 978 1 9164818 5 5

344 pages



Samuel Bendeck Sotillos   Religion and Spirituality According to the Perennial Philosophy

William C. Chittick   Sam‛ānī on the Secret of Love in Adam’s Felicitous Sin

Hilary Davies   The Landscape of Wales in the Poetry of David Jones, G. M. Hopkins and Dylan Thomas

Andrew Frisardi   Everything That Lives: Kathleen Raine’s Prophetic Vocation

Warwick Gould   Yeats’s Book of ‘Numberless Dreams’: His Notebooks, ‘Visions: 1898-1901’, and the Irish ‘Unwritten Tradition’

Howard Hull   Storming into Beauty: Ruskin, Turner and the Ethics of the Dust

Lois Lang-Sims   The Marian Mystery: A Meditation

Andrew Louth   Bulgakov and Russian Sophiology

Joseph Milne   Cosmic Harmony and the Sacred City

Kathleen Raine   Is There a Normal Society?

Christine Rhone   A Beginner’s Guide to Symbolic Geometry: An Interview with Professor Michael Schneider

James Snowdon Barnett (1942-2019)



Paddy Bushe, Lucy Calcott, Kevin Crossley-Holland, John F. Deane, Maura Dooley, Andrew Frisardi, Andrew Johnston, Earl Livings, Charles Mugleston, Gerard Smyth, Christopher Southgate



of books by or edited by Thomas Berenato et al., Avinash Chandra, Alan Garner, James Harpur, Kenneth Kraft, John Robert Lee, Hugh Lupton, Plotinus, Wolfgang Smith, Mark Vernon