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Edited by John Carey, Valentin Gerlier and James Harpur 2019

255 pages

ISBN 978 1 9164818 4 8



John Carey Natura, a Goddess of Medieval Christendom

Andrew Frisardi The Seed of Nobility

Valentin Gerlier Shakespeare and the Unity of Nature and Humanity

Hossein Elahi Ghomshei Crossing the Bar: Leonard Lewisohn (1953-2018)

James Harpur Moving Among the Fountains: The Wanderings of Oisin as a Poem of Initiation

Grevel Lindop The Newgrange Rock Carvings

George MacDonald The Imagination: Its Functions and its Culture

Kathleen Raine Visiting Ezra Pound

Christine Rhone           An Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

Martin Shaw An Earth That Thinks in Myth

Philip Sherrard           W.B. Yeats and the Search for Tradition

Simon Wilson           ‘Clutching the Wheel of St Catherine’, or a Visit to a Re-Enchanted College



Dermot J. Archer, D.M. Black, Hilary Davies, John Robert Lee, Hugh Lupton, Patricia McCarthy, C.P. Nield, Rainer Maria Rilke, Lawrence Sail



of books by or edited by David Cadman and Scherto Gill, Graham Carey, Dante, John F. Deane, Peter Kingsley, M. Ali Lakhani, Joanna Moorhead, Jeremy Naydler, Ravi Ravindra.