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Edited by John Carey, James Harpur and Valentin Gerlier
270 pages
ISBN 978 0 9926046 9 1


HRH The Prince of Wales True Renaissance
John Carey (trans.) Orlando in the Forest of Wonders
Emma Clark Images by Staff and Alumni of The Prince’s
School of Traditional Arts
Ananda Coomaraswamy Art in Education
David Fideler From Plato’s Academy to the Era of Hyperspecialization:
Rediscovering the Lost Spirit of the Humanities
Kevin Fischer Imagination and Experience: Jacob Boehme and
William Blake
Andrew Frisardi Peter Russell’s Albae Meditatio
Valentin Gerlier Reading Plato’s Meno: Memory, Education
and Holy Speech
Malcolm Guite Owen Barfield: Science, Poetry and
Grevel Lindop T. S. Eliot and Kathleen Raine: Two
Contemplative Poets
Diane de Margerie From The Woman of Stone
John Matthews Remembering David Jones
Joseph Milne Meister Eckhart and the Purpose of the Creation
Kathleen Raine Poetic Symbols as a Vehicle of Tradition: The
Crisis of the Present in English Poetry
Varatha Shanmuganathan Ananda Coomaraswamy: A View
from the East

by staff and alumni of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

Andrew Frisardi, Alyson Hallett, Grevel Lindop, Rupert M.
Loydell, Patricia McCarthy, Mark Roper, India Russell, Peter
Russell, Lawrence Sail, Penelope Shuttle, Gerard Smyth, R.M.

of books by or edited by Mark S. Burrows, Malgorzata
Grzegorzewska and Jean Ward; Hilary Davies; Marsilio
Ficino; Malcolm Guite; Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay;
Friedrich Hölderlin; John Milbank and Adrian Pabst; Tarik
M. Quadir; Charles Upton