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Edited by John Carey and James Harpur
302 pages
isbn 978 0 9926046 7 7

Hilary Armstrong Two Platonist Notes
Margaret Barker Jesus the Nazo¯raean
Grigory Bondarenko Russian Epic Songs and Folk Spirituality
John F. Deane ‘The Imaginative Alternative’: An Interview
with Rowan Williams
Valentin Gerlier The Word of Love: Poetic Truth and Socratic
Midwifery in Shakespeare
Brian Keeble The Making of a Canon: A Memoir
Lois Lang-Sims The Simplicity of Faith
Kevin McGrath A Walk in the Bhanni
Harry Oldmeadow Looking Forward to Tradition: Ancient
Truths and Modern Delusions
Kathleen Raine The Door That Opens on Two Sides
Christine Rhone John Michell and Rupert Sheldrake: The
International Crop Circle Making Competition of 1992
Synesius of Cyrene On Dreams, Part II
Paolo Urizzi The Epiphanic Universe of the One in the
Thought of Ibn ’Arabi¯
HRH The Prince of Wales Cities for the Future
Simon Wilson René Guénon and the Heart of the Grail
Crop Circles
Lucy Calcott, Harry Clifton, Kevin Crossley-Holland,
Andrew Frisardi, James Harpur, Earl Livings, Patricia
McCarthy, William Oxley, Fiona Sampson, Gerard Smyth
of books by or edited by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos, Wendell
Berry, David Gascoyne, Brian Keeble, India Russell, Eisuke
Wakamatsu and Rowan Williams