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New Year 2021




6th January 2021

Symbolism as the Language of Imagination


Through the voices of the Romantic poets – Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, and Yeats – this essay explores how Imagination expresses itself through the non-dualistic language of symbolism, and why the poetry likewise requires of us a unified response of our whole being. If Imagination, as Coleridge writes, ‘brings the whole soul of man into activity,’ it follows, in art and life, that the whole soul be brought into activity to embody and understand it, for anything less than this is in some part an abstraction which separates us from what we would deeply know.

This paper is now available in our list of Online Papers.


2nd February 2021

Poetry and the Dimension of Myth


This paper explores the idea that Poetry and Myth are related at the deepest level in the psyche. Myth in its original Greek meaning of ‘story’ is universal, for we all, as a race, religion, culture and individual have a story about the world in which we live, and our place and purpose in it – one which seeks to render life transparent to an intelligible source. Some stories are believed to be literally true, and others are felt to be symbols of states of mind – almost, but not wholly, beyond us. What the stories have in common is that they are all ultimately constructions of the human psyche, for the world is not given as fact but inhabited through interpretation. It will be suggested that the stories which shape our sensibilities and our lives – whether through Revelation, Inspiration or Imagination – are those that reach us as Poetry in its widest meaning of ‘the making of soul.’