A Poem, August 2022




For Dominic,  6 March 1967 – 16 January 1995


‘We must have known one another

‘In a former life’, they say in India,

Or ‘In my next birth you will be my mother’

Or parted lovers comfort one another

With spacious time; but here

The past is only memory, the future

No part of what we are, the body dies,

Those faces dear to us.

But the unborn undying

Is always now, with no before and after,

Here in this daily house

Where we have known one another,

Shared this epiphany

Of world with all its meeting-places

Made real by our being together

In the Holy City with those we love gathered for ever.



Kathleen Raine, 16 March 1995    (previously unpublished poem in memory of Dominic Lello)




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