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Since its inception in 1990 the Temenos Academy has
sought to promote the best of its lectures through the
extended medium of publication. Where appropriate,
we have done this through the yearly issue of the
Temenos Academy Review, as well as in separate
booklets. All these have been welcomed by a worldwide
readership that is unable to attend our London-based
activities. These publications are presented with a
quality of design and production that we feel is
commensurate with their outstanding content.
This catalogue gives a complete listing of all
publications issued by the Academy. Eight issues of the
Temenos Academy Review and twenty-two Temenos
Academy Papers have been published (several of the
Papers are no longer available and others are in short
The Temenos Academy Review is the journal of the
Temenos Academy and is the successor to Temenos,
founded by Keith Critchlow, Brian Keeble, Kathleen
Raine and Philip Sherrard, which was first published in
1981 and reached its thirteenth and final issue in 1992.
The Review comprises a mixture of papers given at the
Academy and new work, including poetry, art, and
reviews. The Temenos Academy Papers are booklets
containing a single paper, or several related papers,
given as lectures at the Academy.
If ordering Temenos Academy Papers please include
one alternative title. If you wish to order four issues of
the Review you may claim a fifth free of charge.
The catalogue also includes two films:
Philip Sherrard, ‘Philip Sherrard: His Life & Work’, and
 ‘A Human Approach to World Peace’  by His Holiness
The Dalai Lama.
The Temenos Academy is a Registered Charity. Most
of our publications have appeared as the result of the
generosity of our supporters. We are always very keen to
hear from people interested in supporting our
publications programme, and who wish to help the
Academy’s effort to share its work with a wider
Another way of supporting the Academy is by
becoming a Member, Friend or Benefactor. One benefit of
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Forthcoming publications include
‘Lighting a Candle – Kathleen Raine & Temenos’.
Issue 8, 2005
PROSE: Tom Cheetham The Prophetic Tradition & the
Battle for the Soul of the World; Michael Donley Paul
Claudel (1868-1955) – Poet of the Sacred Cosmos; Kathleen
Raine Revisioning the Sacred for our Time; John Carey
Christ Sun of Justice: The Symbolism of a Church in Vermont;
Edward Falconar On Seeing Reality; Peter Oldmeadow
Buddhist Yogacara Philosophy and Ecology; Colin Moss The
Curtain; Sir John Tavener Mozart – A Celebration of an
Unconscious Mystic; Keith Critchlow Dr Martin Lings; Todd Mei
Hermeneutics and the Unity of Truth; William Radice Confession
Versus the exclamation mark: why Rabindranath Tagore did
not like the poetry of Michael Madhusudan Dutt
POETRY: John Allison, Wendell Berry, Andrew Frisardi,
David Gascoyne, Brian Keeble,  Lotte Kramer, Earl Livings,
Kathleen Raine, India Russell, Mark Rutter
REVIEWS: books by or edited by Stella Astor, Tom Cheetham,
Neil Curry, Volker Harlan, Peter Kingsley, John Lane,
Ralph Liedtke, Jean Mambrino, Jeremy Reed
226 pages
Issue 1, 1998
PROSE: HRH The Prince of Wales A Sense of the
Sacred: Building Bridges Between Islam and the West;
Kathleen Raine Editorial; Kathleen Raine A Tribute
to Dr L M Singhvi; Henry Corbin Traditional
Knowledge and Spiritual Renaissance; Annemarie
Schimmel Symbols of Love in Rumi’s Work; Thetis
Blacker Phoenix Reflections; Karan Singh Learning
to Live Together; Hans Wolfgang Frick The Near-Realization
of the Ideal State of Plato - The Old
Republic of Berne; Temenos in Australia; James
Cowan The Roc’s Egg; Joseph Milne From
Apprehension to Comprehension
ILLUSTRATIONS: Thetis Blacker; Robert Beer
POETRY: Wendell Berry, David Gascoyne, John
Haines, Grevel Lindop, William Radice, Peter
Redgrove, Jeremy Reed, Peter Russell
REVIEWS: books by Cecil Collins, Joscelyn Godwin,
Peter Redgrove, John Michell, John Lane, Jeremy
211 pages
Issue 2, 1999
PROSE: HRH The Prince of Wales Seeds of Disaster;
Kathleen Raine Editorial; William Cookson Letter to
The Daily Telegraph; Wendell Berry Thy Life’s a
Miracle; Carmen Blacker The Pure Land Sect of
Buddhism; Seyyed Hossein Nasr Recollections of
Henry Corbin and Reflections Upon His Intellectual
Significance; Hilary Armstrong The Bishop Who
Obeyed Julian; Kathleen Raine In Memoriam:
Harold Morland; John Carey The Hand and The
Angel: Observations on the Holy Book in Early
Ireland and Northumbria; Stephen Cross Ex Oriente
Lux: How the Upanishads Came to Europe;
Rabindranath Tagore Who Sits Behind My Eyes;
John Michell A New Link in the Golden Chain
ILLUSTRATIONS: decorations taken from The Book of
Kells, The Book of Durrow and The Book of Armagh
POETRY: William Cookson, James Harpur, Wilson
Harris, Jack Herbert, Yisrael Levin, Grevel Lindop,
Keshav Malik, O V de L Milosz, Harold Morland,
Kathleen Raine, Robin Skelton, Thomas Taylor
REVIEWS: books by Wendell Berry, James Cowan,
David Gascoyne, Brian Keeble, K N Iengar, David
Lorimer, Jeremy Naydler, Stanislas Klossowski de
Rola, Peter Russell, Philip Sherrard
207 pages
Issue 3, 2000
PROSE: HRH The Prince of Wales The Civilized
Society; The Temenos Academy: Ten Basic Principles;
Keith Critchlow Editorial; David Cadman Stillness
and Dancing: Some Thoughts on Sustainability;
Grevel Lindop Coleridge at Greta Hall; Jonathan
Wordsworth ‘Was it for this?’: First of Wordsworth’s
Preludes; Howard Hull Echoes of a Child’s Voice -The
Conversations of John Ruskin with the Earth;
Vladimir Kutryev Progress or Return to the Eternal?;
Baidyanath Saraswati The Four Castes of Men;
Wendell Berry Two Chapters from ‘Jayber Crow’;
Robert D Romanyshyn On Angels and Other
Anomalies of the Imaginal Life
ILLUSTRATIONS: Stephane René, Kate Montgomery,
Desmond Lazzaro, Simon Tretheway, John Ruskin,
Caroline Bowles
POETRY: Paul Célan, Grevel Lindop, William Irwin
Thompson, Ramakanta Rath, Jeremy Reed
REVIEWS: books by H. H. The Dalai Lama, Sir Edwin
Arnold, John Carey, Kathleen Raine, Peter Russell,
Sir John Tavener, The Wordsworth Trust, and others
222 pages
Issue 4, 2001
PROSE: H.R.H. The Prince of Wales A Reflection on
the Reith Lectures for the Year 2000; Kathleen Raine
Editorial; Martin Lings Keats and Shakespeare;
Joseph Milne The Philosophical Spirit in the
Renaissance; Jill Line The Principle of Unity in
Shakespeare and Ficino; Clement Salaman The Role
of the Pagan Gods in Ficino; Roger Scott David
Gascoyne’s ‘Night Thoughts’: ‘The Infernal
Megalometropolis’; James Madge Vespasiano
Gonzaga and Shakespeare’s Imagined Italy; Mark
Tredinnick The Imperfections of Love; Alexander
Kazin The Quiet in Which the Word Can Be Heard
ILLUSTRATIONS: Donald Wilkinson
POETRY: James Harpur, Grevel Lindop, Jeremy Reed,
Peter Russell
REVIEWS: books by Peter Abbs, Jonathan Bate,
Wendell Berry, Francesco Collonna, Val Corbett,
David Gascoyne, Grevel Lindop, Alison Roberts,
Vernon Watkins; The Gathas of Zarathushtra;
Symposium on Marsilio Ficino, Letters of Marsilio
Ficino; The Way of Hermes
222 pages
Issue 5, 2002
PROSE: H.R.H. The Prince of Wales A Time to Heal;
Grevel Lindop Editorial; Kathleen Raine Sir Peter
Parker; Karel Werner Borobudur – a Sermon in
Stone; Joseph Milne Mind and Reality: An
Exploration of the Philosophy of Nagarjuna; John
Carey Etymology and Time; Ian Skelly John Napper:
Painting in the Light Stream; Tom Cheetham
Consuming Passions: The Feast, the Stars and the
Science of the Balance; Raimon Panikkar The
Tragedy of the Grand Inquisitor; Robert B. Zimmer
Wordsworth’s Serious Belief in Pre-Existence; Wilson
Harris The Mask of the Beggar – Extract from a
Novel in Progress
POETRY: Andrew Frisardi, Jack Herbert, Jean
Mambrino, Harold Morland, Colin Moss, Jeremy
REVIEWS: books by David Jones, Thutpen Jinpa and
Jas Elsner, John Haines, Martin Hammond, Michael
Comans, Peter Russell, William Radice, Jean-Yves
Tadie, Rabindranath Tagore, James Cowan and
Jeremy Hooker
221 pages
Issue 6, 2003
PROSE: Grevel Lindop Editorial; Kim Samuel Johnson Note;
Brian Keeble Colin Etheridge; Aidan Hart Life and Architecture
On Mount Athos; Colin Moss ‘Othelloand the Human Spirit;
William C. Chittick Imagination as Theophany in Islam; Kevin
McGrath Walking in the Morea; Henry Corbin From Heidegger to
Suhrawardi; Hans-Wolfgang Frick On the Absence of Spiritual
Values in Today’s World; Wendell Berry The Living; John Carey
In the Kingdom of Hermes; Kathleen Raine Peter Russell 1921-2003,
William Cookson 1939-2003
POETRY: Peter Abbs, Sebastian Barker, Grevel Lindop, Francis Warner
REVIEWS: books by Ann Saddlemyer, Wendell Berry, Peter Abbs,
Joscelyn Godwin, Satish Kumar, Tim Addey, Cecil Collins
and Brian Keeble
227 pages
Issue 7, 2004

Kathleen Raine Memorial Issue

PROSE: Brian Keeble Editorial; Kathleen Raine
What is the Use of Poetry?; Brian Keeble An Interview
 with Kathleen Raine; John Carey The True Religion
of Every Poet; Wendell Berry Against the Nihil of the Age;
Thetis Blacker Peregrinations; Grevel Lindop A Golden String:
Kathleen Raine, Blake, and Tradition; Suheil Bushrui Kathleen
 Raine’s Contribution to Yeats Scholarship; Jack Herbert
Tradition and Inspiration: Kathleen Raine’s Literary Essays;
Seyyed Hossein Nasr Kathleen Raine and Tradition;
Keith Critchlow Profound in its Brevity; Kapila Vatsyayan
Kathleen Raine and India; Jean Mambrino Poetry or Anamnesis;
John Lane These I Have Known: Kathleen Raine’s Artists;
Roger Scott Kathleen Raine: A Selected Bibliography 1943-2004
POETRY: Brian Keeble, Kathleen Raine
REVIEWS: books by or edited by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy,
Titus Burckhardt, Barry McDonald, Mehrad M. Zarandi,
Frithjof Schuon, Marco Pallis, Robert Bolton
253 pages
On the Nature & Significance
Of the Crafts

W R Lethaby   Edward Johnston   Ananda K Coomaraswamy

Brian Keeble
‘These three essays bring out brilliantly the fact that in our
present world, the ‘baby’ (the purpose of life) has clearly been
thrown out with the heavily polluted ‘bathwater’ (the excesses
of industrial materialism). What all three of Keeble’s subjects
agree upon is that the human relationship to work has too
frequently been averaged downwards in the direction of its
least meaningful dimension. This pollution of the spirit, not
surprisingly, produces a polluted world&ldots;Brian Keeble’s analysis
of the thoughts of his chosen subjects clearly indicates the essential
underlying factors that have led us to our so-called post-industrial
state of mind; a condition that is, to say the least, unsatisfactory
and unsustainable. For this reason these essays should be of value
to those who are responsible for the present state of the arts, not
only in our schools, but in the wider arts of working and living to
some purpose consistent with our deepest nature. I hope this
will reach a wide audience as it deals, with rare insight, with issues
that are vital to us all.’
From the Foreword by Keith Critchlow
Temenos Academy Papers No. 22
59 pages
ISBN 0 9540311 6 4

A Human Approach to World Peace
H H The Dalai Lama
The L.M.Singhvi-Temenos Interfaith Lecture for 2004

Temenos Academy Papers No. 24
32 pages
ISBN 0 954031199

Sufism and the Integration of the
Inner and Outer Life of Man
Seyyed Hossein Nasr
The L. M. Singhvi Interfaith Lecture for the year 1999
Temenos Academy Papers No. 21
32 pages
ISBN 0 9540311 5 6
The Ground of Being -
Foundations of Christian Mysticism
Joseph Milne
Comprises four essays:
Ultimate Knowledge – The Nature of Mystical Knowledge
Dionysius the Areopagite – The via positiva and via negativa
John Scottus Eriugena – The Multiple and the One are the Same
Meister Eckhart – The Ground of Self in God
Temenos Academy Papers No. 20
67 pages
ISBN 0 9540311 4 8
A Human Approach to World Peace

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The 2004 L M Singhvi-Temenos Interfaith Lecture
Available in four formats:
Audio tape            £5.00
CD                          £9.99
DVD                       £15.99
VHS                        £15.99
Philip Sherrard:
His Life and Work

The Thoughts of Bishop Kallistos Ware

With an introduction by HRH The Prince of Wales
In an interview with David Cadman, Bishop Kallistos Ware speaks about
the life and work of Philip Sherrard, with particular reference to the sacred
in life and art.
22 minute VHS video
A Series of Papers Delivered to the Temenos Academy
and Published to Mark The Golden Jubilee of
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Kathleen Raine Monarchy and the Imagination;
L. L. Blake In Praise of The Queen’s Majesty; John
Carey Ideal Kingship in Early Ireland; John S Allitt
The Themes of Nobility and Monarchy in Dante’s
Thought; Joseph Milne Shakespeare and Divine
Kingship; Grevel Lindop The Wheel-Turning
Monarch: An Ideal of Kingship in Early Buddhism
Temenos Academy Papers No. 18 
122 pages
ISBN 0 9540311 2 1
A Sacred Trust
Ecology and Spiritual Vision
Preface by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales
Edited by David Cadman and John Carey
David Cadman A Sacred Trust – An Introduction;
Philip Sherrard For Every Thing That Lives Is Holy;
Wendell Berry Going to Work; Vandana Shiva
Annadana – Gift of Food; Satish Kumar Reverence
for Life: A Jain Perspective; Brian Goodwin Circling
the Square: Moving from Control to Participation in
Science and the Arts; Suheil Bushrui Environmental
Ethics: A Baha’i Perspective; Jeremy Naydler
The Three Temptations; Seyyed Hossein Nasr
The Spiritual and Religious Dimensions of the
Environmental Crisis; Edward Goldsmith
The Cosmic in Art, Architecture and Society at the
Millennium; David Cadman With Our Thoughts We
Make the World; Kathleen Raine Millennial Hymn
to the Lord Shiva
Temenos Academy Papers No. 17
185 pages
ISBN 0 9540311 0 5 paperback £10
ISBN 0 9540311 1 3 cased £15
A  limited number of copies of the journal Temenos are available
Temenos 5   (296 pages)
Temenos 6   (304 pages)
Temenos 7   (335 pages)
Temenos 8   (294 pages)
Temenos 10 (306 pages)
Temenos 12 (267 pages)
£5 per copy
A detailed list of contents will appear on the Temenos Academy website
Temenos Academy Inaugural Addresses
Keith Critchlow, John Allitt, Kathleen Raine
No. 1, 1992
22 pages
Hans-Wolfgang Frick
No. 2, 1992
13 pages
William Blake’s Fourfold London
Kathleen Raine
No. 3, 1993
21 pages
The Rose and the Flame
John Napper (1916 – 2002)
No. 4, 1994
18 pages
For Every Thing That Lives Is Holy
Philip Sherrard (1922 –1995)
No. 5, 1995
32 pages
Note: included in ‘A Sacred Trust – Ecology and
Spiritual Vision’ (Temenos Academy Papers No. 17)
The Quality of Mercy
Peter Brook
No. 6, 1995
17 pages
The Path & The Palace – Reflections on the Nature
of Poetry
Grevel Lindop
No. 7, 1996
43 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 0 x
Language & the Spirit in the Age of Antichrist
Peter Russell (1921 – 2003)
No. 8, 1997
47 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 1 8
Available, price £5
Merlin & Parsifal – Adversarial Twins
Wilson Harris
No. 9, 1997
15 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 2 6
Available, price £3
A Defence of Poetry
Suheil Bushrui
No. 10, 2000
24 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 3 4
Available, price £4
The Angel in Poetry
Jeremy Reed
No. 11, 1998
27 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 4 2
Available, price £4
The Spiritual and Religious Dimensions of the
Environmental Crisis
Seyyed Hossein Nasr
No. 12, 1999
31 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 5 0
Note: available in ‘A Sacred Trust – Ecology and
Spiritual Vision’ (Temenos Academy Papers No. 17)
Sparks Fly Upward – Three Essays on Aesthetics
Indra Nath Choudhuri
No. 13, 1999
44 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 6 9
Available, price £5
Christ and the Creative Imagination
The Bishop of London
No. 14, 2000
13 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 7 7
The German Tradition – Uniting the Opposites:
Goethe, Jung & Rilke
Jack Herbert
No. 15, 2001
93 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 8 5
Available, price £6
Ancestral Voices – Four Lectures Towards a
Philosophy of Imagination
Ramesh Chandra Shah
No. 16, 2001
74 pages
ISBN 0 9528910 9 3
Available, price £5
Vernon Watkins –
Inspiration as Poetry,
Poetry as Inspiration
Brian Keeble
No.19, 2002
21 pages
ISBN 0 9540311 3 x
Available, price £4



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